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JSR Group's E-TEC urethane adhesive to be used in high-end sports car

CORPORATE  11/29/2010
TOKYO - 29 November 2010- Emulsion Technology Co. Ltd. (President: Akira Tsuji), a group company of JSR Corporation (President: Mitsunobu Koshiba) has announced that its urethane adhesive "Mighty Grip" will be used as an adhesive of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRP) in the body of a high-end sports car "LEXUS LFA", recently announced by Lexus. Emulsion Technology Co. Ltd. is a company that manufactures emulsion-based chemical products.
CFRP is lightweight, strong and has excellent rigidity, gaining attention as a structural material for next-generation automotives, where both lightweightiness and safety are desired characteristics. It is expected that in the coming future, plastics such as CFPR will be increasingly used in vehicles to reduce weight and hence fuel consumption, anticipating that there will also be increased demand for "Mighty Grip".

By capitalizing on the features of the urethane adhesive "Mighty Grip" such as fatigue resistance, shock resistance and peel strength, there has been increased use for automotive applications. Materials can be selected based on application and glue strength (from super-soft to hard), contributing to the improved degree of freedom in designing structures. In addition, this product is a material which contains a mixture of two liquids reacted together, making it possible for the hardening rate of the adhesive to be matched with the manufacturing process, which enables improved productivity.
"Mighty Grip" has the added feature of contributing to the strength of the construct and improved durability, as the system of adhesive bonding enables stress dispersion of the adhesive layer.
In such cases where CFRP is used in automotive applications, shock resistance becomes increasingly important in order to ensure safety, and as an area where the features of "Mighty Grip" can be capitalized, it is expected that the adhesive will have increased use in the near future.
Additionally, "Mighty Grip" is a solventless adhesive, making it an eco-friendly product.

As new and further applications of "Mighty Grip", E-TEC has plans to expand into the electronics devices domain such as adhesives for the backsheets of solar photovoltaics. In addition, E-TEC has also started sample work with customers in the development of pressure sensitive adhesives for UV-curing, which does not require extra curing in order for adhesive properties to be displayed. The company will enhance its efforts in the area of functional adhesives.