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CSR Report 2013

Materials Innovation to Solve Global Problems
Feature Article 1: Manufacturing for the Future

Possibilities of Our Materials

The JSR Group’s materials are used in a wide range of products.
By deploying technologies and human resources developed through petrochemical and fine chemical businesses, as well as by utilizing internal and external resources globally, we are strategically expanding our business to new fields, such as the environment, energy, and biomedical materials, that will help address social issues.

Possibilities of Our Materials

Mr. Eco-Molecule

My name is Mr. Eco-Molecule.
I’m attached to every eco-friendly product of the JSR Group.

(E2 InitiativeTM campaign character)

❶ Elastomers

Since its establishment as an integrated manufacturer of synthetic rubber, JSR has been offering a wide spectrum of petrochemical products, including rubber for tires, TPEs, and emulsions, which are used in people’s daily lives.

❷ Plastics

We deliver various ABS products with unique characteristics developed through our flexible design capabilities, as well as other types of plastics to users around the world.

❸ Electronics Materials

Our electronics materials play a key role in the shrinking and higher integration density of semiconductors, the heart of ever-evolving electronics products.

❹ Display Materials

As a total material supplier of flat panel display (FPD) materials, we lead the industr y based on our wide-ranging technologies.

❺ Optical Materials

Our optical fiber coating materials and other optical material technologies support ever-growing high-speed fiber optic data communications.

Strategic Business

❻ Precision Materials and Processing

The value of our proprietary materials is maximized by our thin-film formation and precision processing technologies.

Strategic Business

❼ Environment & Energy

We are working on the development of materials necessary for new environmental and energy technologies. We will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by exploring the possibilities of the materials we work with.

Strategic Business

❽ Biomedical Materials

Innovative materials developed using our accumulated material technologies and leading-edge technologies acquired through our global network will open up the future of life sciences.

Technological Expertise Gained over Many Years Opens Up a New Horizon
 for Our Business

The Power of Materials Bringing Innovations to Medical Care


CSR Report 2013