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CSR Report 2012

Third Party Opinion/Independent Review

Third-Party Opinion

Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo, Mr. Itaru Yasui

Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo
Mr. Itaru Yasui

I believe that not only companies but also individual persons should be strongly aware of ISO 26000, a standard of social responsibilities. This is because activities of human beings have been globalized. A consumption behavior by one individual person now influences the entire earth.
However, on the level of an individual person, it is impossible to foresee all the effects to be generated by his/her behavior; unexpected results always occur. On assumption of this, what should be done?
The answer is, not to insist on the rightness of the individual person's behavior, but to show his/her attitude and intention. This applies also to organizations. If an organization can disseminate its attitude and intention very well, it can obtain trust from people.
When I first read this CSR report, I actually thought that there were a few points to be improved as for details, but overall, I found the JSR Group's consistent attitude and intention in the report.
After much deliberation, I thought this was probably because a feeling of trust was emphasized in the CSR report, and there was no clumsy excuse in the report. I read the report once again from the top. The report begins with the messages from President Koshiba. Although there is no change in the major policies of the E2 Initiative™, the JSR Group seems to have acquired new confidence and conviction regarding trust placed by customers as a result of the Group's providing its materials to them. What makes me think so is the article on synthetic rubbers for fuel efficient tires. In the article, the Group explains the importance of creating value, which indicates that the Group recognizes the importance of the attitude and intention.
As indicated by RIO+20, green economy is now one of important keywords. Eco-innovation, one of the elements of the E2 Initiative™, is extremely important. Although this innovation may tend to be regarded as a concept contradictory to sustainability, my intuition says that a true sustainability cannot be achieved without eco-innovation. I guess President Koshiba might have a similar idea and have long been working on realizing a true sustainability.
Biodiversity, another global problem, is becoming increasingly important. Much more attention needs to be paid to conserve the diversity. The JSR Group has already commenced its wide range of activities to conserve biodiversity on the sites of its business establishments. I look forward to these activities being promoted on a global level, especially in developing countries.

Independent Review

The CSR Report 2012 (Japanese version) has been reviewed by the Responsible Care Verification Center and we have received their subsequent Independent Review Report. The Independent Review Report, which includes an explanation of its purpose, scope and procedures, indicated that no areas requiring material revisions to the Japanese version of the CSR Report 2012 were found.


CSR Report 2012