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Social Issues Attributable to JSR Group's Corporate Activity / Communication with Customers and Business Partners

FY :
Fiscal Year means the year starting April 1st.
For example, FY2016 means April 1, 2016 - March 31, 2017

1. Basic Philosophy

The Corporate Mission of JSR Group "Materials Innovation - We create value through materials to enrich society, people and the environment".
We believe that an important role of JSR Group is to offer innovative materials and excellent products that meet our customers' needs through communication with them and to contribute to the making of a better society.
We also link communication with our business partners to improvements in our business activity.

2. Communication with customers

(1) Customer feedback questionnaires

Customer feedback questionnaires are conducted every two years to obtain customer opinions on the effectiveness of our management, product development, product quality, and technical and sales support. Even though we routinely receive positive scores in product quality, and technical and sales support, we are dedicated to continually improving product quality and meeting changes in demand.

(2) Responses to CSR questionnaires for our customers

We aim to be a company that is trusted by its customers. One way we do this is by responding to questionnaires concerning CSR that are submitted to us by the EICC*1 and our customers.

*1 EICC: Electric Industry Citizenship Coalition
An industrial organization that works to improve sustainability in the electronics industry.

(3) Issuance of market reports

The Specialty Elastomer Department in our Petrochemical Products Business actively supplies information to our customers in Japan by issuing monthly market reports that cover raw materials trends and other pertinent matters.

(4) JSR Corporation received SCQI Award from Intel Corporation

Successive recognition by Intel's Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement (SCQI) Award
In March 2017, we received the FY2016 Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement (SCQI) Award from Intel Corporation, a world-class semiconductor manufacturer.
The SCQI Award is Intel's most prestigious award given to suppliers. It is awarded to outstanding suppliers that achieve extremely high standards in terms of quality, cost, supply system, technical capability, customer service, labor and ethical conditions, and environmental sustainability.

(5) JSR Micro Taiwan Co., Ltd. received AU Optronics' Supplier Award

The award ceremony

The award ceremony

On April 22, 2016, the AUO Global Partner Summit 2016 was held by AU Optronics Corporation (AUO), one of Taiwan's two leading LCD manufacturers, in Mabuville, Taiwan. During the summit, AUO presented JSR Micro Taiwan Co., Ltd. with its Supplier Award as an expression of gratitude for many years of support in AUO's growth as a company.
Global Partner Summit is an event to which AUO invites 40 particularly important companies from its approximately 1,900 suppliers. Fifteen suppliers, among them JSR Micro Taiwan Co., Ltd., received awards.

3. Communication with business partners

(1) Presentation of Suppliers Awards (Fine Chemicals Business)

Each year, we present Suppliers Awards to business partners who procure raw materials related to our Fine Chemicals and Other Products Business. We present this award to convey to our partners our desire "to raise value and achieve growth in mutual cooperation with them" and to express our gratitude for their cooperation over the years.
In presenting the award, JSR's research departments, manufacturing technology departments, procurement departments, and business departments evaluate business partners according to their own criteria (e.g., ability to present new proposals, supply performance, cost, ability to meet deadlines, etc.) and provide feedback. We then choose the business partner that scores the highest for the award.
We also share the results of this process within the company and use them as a point of reference when studying raw materials needed for new product development.

(2) Holding of agency meetings and presentation of agency awards (Specialty Elastomer Department, Petrochemical Products Business)

Since 2013, we have been holding annual meetings with our agencies each February. The purposes of these meetings are to nurture a sense of unity with our agencies with an eye to strengthening sales and to improve their knowledge of our products by sharing problems, grasping raw materials trends, and introducing products. We also recognize one domestic agency and one overseas agency that have made particularly noteworthy contributions to sales.