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Social Report

Social Report

Communication with Shareholders and Investors

Seminar for institutional investors and analysts
Seminar for institutional investors and analysts

JSR actively engages in IR activities, making every effort to inform investors promptly and accurately of business conditions and company policies. By conducting activities such as results briefings each quarter, seminars for institutional investors and analysts, and technical seminars, we achieve broad-ranging, two-way communication with our shareholders and investors.
In the Investor Relations section of our website, we endeavor to provide timely and easy-to-understand IR information through the publication of materials that include accounting data, annual reports, IR news, stock information, and shareholder meeting documents.

Shareholders' Meetings

JSR has implemented a variety of measures to facilitate the exercising of shareholders' voting rights. These include early notification and holding of shareholders' annual general meetings, adoption of a system investors to exercise their voting rights via the Internet, using an electronic platform for institutional investors to exercise their voting rights, and online publication of notices of shareholders' meetings in both Japanese and English. We make documents accompanying shareholders' meeting notices easier to read by providing valuable information related to our products, our mid-term business plan, and other data in addition to legally required information, and by making ample use of graphs and photographs and printing such documents in color.
Furthermore, we are taking measures to make shareholders' meetings more shareholder-friendly by displaying panels with company information and providing business overviews using audio-visual materials.

Basic Policies Regarding Profit-sharing

JSR places an emphasis on efforts to strengthen R&D operations from a long-term perspective while increasing our competitiveness to open up new fields and thus improve our business results over the long term.
Based on this approach, our basic policy on dividends is to maintain consistent, stable dividends and pay out higher dividends as our consolidated financial performance improves.
When determining dividends, we do so with a view to issue dividends while also keeping internal reserves needed for the future development of operations. Internal reserves are appropriated for R&D and strategic investments that lead to new growth as we strive to increase our corporate value. We want to use internal reserves on a medium- to long-term basis to buy back JSR's shares in an effort to return profits to shareholders. Based on these policies, the annual dividend for FY2011 (April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011) was set at 32 yen per share.

Shareholder Composition


The number of JSR shareholders was 22,431 as of March 31, 2011; the shareholder composition is as follows:

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