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Biodiversity Study Conducted at JSR Chiba Plant

CSR  10/04/2012
JSR conducts a wide range of activities to promote biodiversity. One of these is biodiversity survey conducted by JSR Chiba Plant employees on October 2nd. This is the second survey of its kind this year after the first in July and allows JSR to get a glimpse of the shifting seasons within the natural world and reconfirm the great variety of living things in the plant’s green spaces.

The Chiba Plant is developing its green spaces to be more environmentally friendly according to the Japan Business Initiative for Biodiversity’s* Land Use Score Report of the Guidelines for Promoting Business Establishments in Harmony with Living Things. JSR will continue to monitor these areas and prioritize the conservation of biodiversity within them.

For more information on JSR’s biodiversity conservation efforts please see the 2012 CSR Report Feature Article 2: http://www.jsr.co.jp/jsr_e/csr/2012/special04.shtml

* Japan Business Initiative for Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity website http://www.jbib.org/en/