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JSR Holds a Crisis Management Drill on 15 December

CSR  01/05/2017
JSR held its annual crisis management drill on December 15, 2016. The drill was based on a scenario in which a Tonankai earthquake (major earthquake centered on the Nankai Trough in the Enshu Sea or Kumano Sea) strikes and causes damage in the Chukyo district. The Chukyo district includes Yokkaichi City, where JSR Group companies and their main factories are concentrated. This drill has been held each year since 2004 for the purposes of anticipating various potential risks and reinforcing the response of the crisis center in JSR Headquarters (Minato Ward, Tokyo) during times of crisis.

The drill was executed using a “blind scenario” format* that focused on events that could occur on the day of the disaster. Some 50 people, including JSR’s President, who serves as the crisis center’s head, participated. Each participant confirmed the personal and organizational actions that are demanded, including spontaneous information-gathering in an ever-changing situation and the establishment of response guidelines.

Through drills that envision a variety of potential disasters, we will continue to make the preparations needed to ensure safety and control damage when disasters strike and to maintain business operations.

* Blind scenario format
A drill format that gives participants a constantly changing disaster or damage situation based on an undisclosed scenario, and then asks them to independently consider, identify, and execute responses to that situation.