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Crisis Management Drill Conducted on December 1

CSR  01/21/2016
On December 1, 2015, we conducted a crisis management drill under the leadership of the head office (Minato-ku, Tokyo). The drill was based on the scenario of an earthquake occurring directly beneath the Tokyo Metropolitan Area (i.e. Northern Tokyo Bay Earthquake). The drill was held with participation of about 50 persons, including JSR’s President as Director of the Disaster Control Headquarters of the JSR Head Office.

The drill took place on the assumption that not only the head office, but also the Chiba Plant, the Kashima Plant, and the Tsukuba Research Laboratories were damaged by the earthquake. We simulated what could happen on the day of such a disaster, and each participant confirmed what he/she and his/her departments should do, including collecting information on a voluntary basis and making decisions on response policies.

Through a wide variety of drills, we will continue to make preparations to ensure safety, control damage, and realize business continuity at the time of a disaster.