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JSR Issues CSR Report 2014

CSR  10/02/2014
Tokyo, Japan, September 29, 2014-JSR Corporation (President: Mitsunobu Koshiba) is pleased to announce that we have issued the JSR Group CSR Report 2014, a summary of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts promoted in FY March 2014 (April 2013 March 2014). In addition to full Japanese and English versions, Chinese, Korean, and Thai digest versions will also become available in November.

The JSR Group’s corporate mission is “Materials Innovation-We create value through materials to enrich society, people, and the environment.” When implementing this mission, we position CSR as a critical management priority. Behind this lies our belief that creating value through CSR as a member of the chemical industry and providing this value to society will lead us not only to contribute more to achieving a sustainable society, but also to realize our Group’s continuous growth.

The theme of the feature article in CSR Report 2014 is “Building a Future with JSR Group’s Materials Innovation.” The article discusses what we can do now and which directions we should take toward the future, in order to contribute to solving issues related to society and the global environment, as well as to realize growth of the Group, based on our high-quality and functional materials and superior technologies. Meanwhile, introduced as one of our key products are lithium-ion capacitors. This product contributes to energy savings in the environment and energy business, which JSR has positioned as one of its strategic businesses.

Covering 40 JSR Group companies, including JSR’s domestic and foreign Group companies, the new CSR report is available both in printed form and online (http://www.jsr.co.jp/jsr_e/csr/csrreport2014.shtml ). Provided in the online version are not only the contents in the printed version, but also our specific measures regarding CSR management, “Responsible Care” (environment, health, and safety), and our responsibilities to our stakeholders.

To guarantee the report’s reliability, as usual we underwent an independent review by the Japan Responsible Care Council, and also received a third-party opinion from an outside expert as an objective assessment of the Group’s efforts.

JSR Group CSR Report 2014 (Cover page)