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JSR Micro N.V. Contributes to the ik Kyoto Project

CSR  10/23/2012
JSR Group company JSR Micro N.V. (Belgium) has been participating in the ik Kyoto Project continuously from 2005. This project aims to reduce CO2 emissions put out in people's daily commute by encouraging the use of environmentally friendly methods of transportation (bicycle, public transportation, carpooling, etc.) in addition to working from home.

Starting this year at Micro N.V., various related activities were undertaken by employees spontaneously leading to a total participation rate of 40% of all employees. So far they have realized a total of 960 sustainable commuting days and logged 24,751 sustainable commuting kilometers, effecting a reduction of CO2 emissions of 3,604 kilograms. At the end of this year's campaign, participants partook in a breakfast buffet and renewed their resolve for next year's endeavor.

*ik Kyoto Project is an effort begun by the local government in Belgium and is named after the Kyoto Protocols (Flemish-language website: http://www.ikkyoto.be).