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Water and Snack Foods Donated to Food Bank

CSR  10/11/2012
The JSR Group takes confirms and replaces its stock of emergency supplies every September on Disaster Management Day. Each year every employee is issued a new bottle of water and can of Kanpan, a canned cracker snack-food. While employees typically snack on old cans that are within one month of their expiration date, those with more time left are donated to the non-profit food bank Second Harvest Japan (2HJ).

The organization accepts food items no longer needed but still safe to eat from corporations, farms and individuals and sends them to child foster care facilities and people who are living on the streets.

The JSR Group has been working with 2HJ from 2010 and sent a total of six boxes of Kanpan and water this year.

The JSR Group will continue to support the local community through these sorts of efforts.

Second Harvest Japan homepage: