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JSR Life Sciences Corporation to Launch a Novel Protein A Media for the Antibody Drug Purification Process

PRODUCTS  10/02/2012
October 2, 2012, TOKYO, JAPAN- JSR Corporation (President: Mitsunobu Koshiba) is pleased to announce that JSR Life Sciences Corporation, a JSR group company, will commence the sale of Amsphere™ Protein A, a protein A media used in the purification process for manufacturing antibody drugs.

Amsphere™ Protein A is produced with hydrophilic and porous polymer particles as base materials, which were developed through Poronomics™, JSR's proprietary technology for the design of particles. The media is also combined with JSR's original high alkali-resistant protein A, which was produced using genetic engineering technologies. These unique technologies enable the media to have resistance to reduction in the binding capacity of antibodies even after being used repeatedly, and to obtain a high purity antibody with fewer unwanted substances, which can reduce the quality of the purification. Because of its high mechanical strength, the media can also tolerate purification at a high flow rate. This novel protein A media is expected to contribute to streamlining the purification process, which is a challenge in antibody drug production, leading to the greater availability of advanced medical care using antibody drugs.

Details of this product will be unveiled at the following two events to be held in October 2012: BioProcess International (October 9 11, Providence, RI, USA), and BioProduction (October 24 - 25, Berlin, Germany).

Unlike conventional chemically synthesized low molecular weight drugs, antibody drugs are made using genetic engineering technologies. Since the specificity of an antibody is utilized, antibody drugs are expected to feature high efficacy while causing fewer side effects. Such drugs for cancers and rheumatism have already been developed, and the development of new antibody drugs is being actively pursued.

Amsphere™ Protein A, the protein A media newly released by JSR Life Sciences Corporation, is used specifically for affinity purification in the manufacturing process for antibody drugs, which is a method for purifying biomolecules that are used as antibody drugs, and utilizes specific affinity to antibodies. Our Amsphere™ Protein A features high antibody binding capacity and excellent purification ability, which boosts the productivity of high-purity antibodies.

It is said that the spread of antibody drugs is hindered by high prices. One of the factors that considerably affects the price of these drugs is the cost of affinity purification, which is a necessary step in the manufacturing process. Therefore, a new purification media that helps make the purification process more efficient is required.

The JSR Group has established a global support system in which JSR Life Sciences Corporation acts as the core supporting our business bases in Europe, the U.S., and Asia (China and Korea). Utilizing our integrated systems, from research & development to technical support, we are well positioned to continue to promptly accommodate the needs of the global market.

Under our corporate mission "Materials Innovation We create value through materials to enrich society, people and the environment." based on our highly competitive technologies relating to particles and polymers, the JSR Group will continue to pursue active cooperation with outside organizations and take on the challenge to create new businesses and contribute to society.