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JSR Gives Training Session for Public School Teachers

CSR  08/31/2012
From October 22nd to 23rd, JSR held its third training session for public school teachers this year. The session was attended by four teachers from a wide range of schools, including a preschool, middle school, high school and specialty school.

The training consisted of three main sections, one presenting the philosophy behind corporate activities, the contents of CSR activities and human resource development. The second section had teachers proactively gather information about the chemical industry in groups with the aim of deepening the teachers’ understanding of JSR. Finally, also went on a tour of the Chiba Plant to see the manufacturing ground zero.

The JSR Group considers the field of the development of the next generation to be one of the pillars of its CSR activities. We plan to continue this training to provide teachers a chance have these experiences which we hope they will apply towards education and the running of schools.