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JSR awarded Honorable Mention from JCIA

CSR  09/18/2009
JSR Corporation is involved with the Japan Chemical Industry Association's (JCIA) ABC (domestic energy-conservation) activities.
Having been involved in such activities, JSR was awarded an honorable mention from JCIA.
Of the 181 member companies affiliated with JCIA (as of August 2009), all nine companies who submitted annual activity logs for the FY2009 ABC program were awarded honorable mentions.
The total number of program participants from the nine companies was 5,438 - of which almost half (i.e. 2,457 participants) were from JSR. In addition, the expected value of CO2 reductions for the nine companies in total was 1,825 tons/year, of which JSR achieved a CO2 reduction of 1,006 tons/year, playing a leading role in the success of the program.
JSR will continue to take initiatives in conserving energy both at the workplace and at home.