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"Science Lectures on the Road"
~ Junior High Schools in the Kashima district ~

CSR  11/20/2009
On 20 November 2009, JSR Corporation's Manager of the Research and Development Department held a special science class at Hasaki Daiichi Junior High School in Kamisu City, Ibaraki Prefecture. The science class was held for first year students, where 102 students took part in the lesson.
JSR has a plant within the Kashima industrial complex, and as part of the company's social contribution activities, we have implemented these science classes with the co-operation of Kamisu City.
The lesson consisted of a demonstration and explanation of the principles of energy by using rubber balls (both non-bouncing and bouncing) containing JSR's own materials. Experiments were also conducted such as the mixing of two liquid substances which would cause a chemical reaction, and solidify.
Later feedback from the students included comments such as, "it was fun!" or "I like science better than I did before" and "I hope the science teacher visits again!"
JSR's "Science Lectures on the Road" for elementary and junior high schools are also held at the Yokkaichi Plant. We hope to arrange further opportunities such as these so that many and more students will find that science can be fun!