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Special Lecture held at Nihon University

CSR  12/10/2009
On 10 December 2009, an employee from JSR Corporation's Chiba Plant was invited to live a lecture at the College of Industrial Technology, Nihon University as guest lecturer of industrial engineering. The lecture's main focus was on quality assurance.
As part of initiatives to promote co-operation between industry and academia, a program began four years at the Chiba Plant, after receiving a request from Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture. The program's aim is to foster the education of research and technology by way of mutual co-operation between the industry and educational institutions.
The theme of the lecture was "Manufacturing Methods of Rubber and Quality Assurance", where the whole process was explained - from obtaining raw materials to the manufacturing of rubber, shipment to tire manufacture by industry users - and the quality demands required of the company.
This year, the whole process (from procurement of raw materials to dealing with claims) was explained by an analogy to making Ramen noodles and the lecture itself was a question-and-answer style format. The students who took part in the lecture listened with great interest.