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Lecture at biodiversity-related symposium

CSR  02/29/2012
A biodiversity-related symposium titled "Stories of Life Forms Told by Companies Part 5" was held for companies on Thursday February 23. A JSR employee delivered a lecture at the subcommittee meeting.
Last year JSR group conducted field work at all of our offices and some of our group companies by effectively making use of the "Guideline for Offices Promoting Symbiosis with Life Forms"* as a biodiversity evaluation index of lands. The lecture was delivered under the title of "Usability of Promotion Tools from the Administrator's Viewpoint" to convey to those in attendance the findings obtained through investigations conducted by JSR Tsukuba Research Lab.

*A guidebook for company offices to consider biodiversity. The guidebook was developed by the Japan Business Initiative for Biodiversity, in which JSR participates.