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Completion of JSR Joint Venture's Headquarters and Plant for Diagnostic Product Business in China

CORPORATE  04/16/2012
TOKYO - April 16, 2012 - On April 13, 2012, JSR Corporation ("JSR", President: Mitsunobu Koshiba) held completion and celebration ceremonies for the headquarters and plant of J & W Beijing Biotech Co., Ltd. ("J & W"). J & W is a joint venture company established by JSR and Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy Enterprise Co., Ltd. ("Wantai," General Manager: Qiu Zixin), a diagnostics manufacturer based in Beijing, China. J & W will be engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of latex reagents intermediates and chemiluminescent reagents intermediates.

The ceremonies were very splendid, with the presence of those concerned with the administration of Changping, Beijing, subcontracting companies, and many other people engaged in the establishment of the joint venture, as well as Chairman Zhong Shan Shan of the Yangshengtang Group, Wantai's parent company.

At the ceremonies, JSR Chairman Yoshinori Yoshida said on behalf of the JSR group, "It is very significant both socially and economically to be able to provide high-level diagnostic products and intermediates that can contribute considerably to the progress of advanced medical treatments in China, which is now experiencing rapid economic growth and the establishment of social infrastructures. We are strongly sure that cooperation between Wantai with its strong influence on the Chinese biomedical field and JSR with its numerous advanced material technologies will be truly efficient in expanding our businesses and achieving success."

In China, where reagents for biochemical tests are already widely used, the growth rate of the market for sensitive diagnostic products utilizing the antigen-antibody reaction is regarded as very promising, with a dramatic growth rate as high as 40% to 50% per annum. Such products, including latex reagents and chemiluminescent reagents*1, are used in the testing of tumor markers, cardiac disease markers, and endocrine hormones markers.

J & W will be engaged in the development and manufacture of diagnostic intermediates, using latex*2, magnetic*3, and other types of particle materials technologies that JSR has been providing so far with diagnostics manufacturers at home and abroad. The joint venture company will begin sales to Wantai, our partner company, and many other diagnostics manufacturers in or around summer 2012. We are aiming to further expand our diagnostic products business in China, taking advantage of the synergy effect produced by combining JSR's particle technology with the business know-how that Wantai has gained in the Chinese market thus far.

Since 2009, JSR has been engaged in the biomedical materials field, one of our three strategic businesses. The biomedical materials business is also designated as one of our priority areas in the JSR20i3 mid-term business plan launched in FY 2012 ending March 2012. In January 2012, we decided to establish JSR Life Sciences Corporation, a new company to integrate the biomedical materials business' planning, sales, research & development, manufacture, and quality assurance. For future operation of the business, JSR will cooperate with JSR Life Sciences Corporation, J & W, and biomedical materials businesses developed by the JSR group in Europe and the U.S., and establish a global business structure that will enable us to promptly respond to changes in the global market.

Under JSR's corporate mission of "Materials Innovation - We create value through materials to enrich society, people and the environment," we will actively cooperate with outside organizations, emphasizing our wide range of strong, highly competitive particle and polymer technologies, thereby aiming to create new businesses in the diagnostic products and life science fields, including biomedicine manufacturing and purification materials, and to contribute to society.

Reference Material:
< Overview of J & W Beijing Biotech Co., Ltd.>
Name:J & W Beijing Biotech Co., Ltd.
Address: Science Park Road No. 31, Changping District, Beijing
Representative: Shuetsu Fujiwara
Business description: Research and development of diagnostic intermediates, wholesaling of diagnostic intermediates, chemical engineering products, electronic products, machinery and equipment, and other business activities
Date of establishment: February 8, 2012 (Scheduled date of launch of operations: in or around summer 2012)
Capital: 25 million yuan
Investment ratio: JSR Corporation 60%

< Completion Ceremony >

< Glossary >
*1. Latex reagents, chemiluminescent reagents: Reagents for biochemical tests are usually used for inspection items with relatively low detection sensitivity, such as analyses of urine and neutral fat in blood at health checkups arranged by companies or other opportunities. Meanwhile, the use of latex reagents is an analysis method utilizing more sensitive antigen-antibody reaction. This is used for the detection of inflammation in the body, cancers, and infectious diseases, such as hepatitis. Chemiluminescent reagents have even higher detection sensitivity. Although expensive, the reagents enable diagnosis with high accuracy.
*2. Latex particles: Particles with the use of precise particle size control, due to emulsion and particle synthesis technology, and various surface chemical aspects
*3. Magnetic particles: Latex particles covered with magnetic materials