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Continuing Volunteer Activities in Support of Disaster-Area Recovery

CSR  02/06/2012
More than 180 employees from the JSR Group executed volunteer activities during the period of July to November 2011 in support of recovery and restoration in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The road to complete restoration is a long one, and the disaster area requires long-term support. In light of this, the JSR Group will continue its support through volunteer activities even after this month. These activities will be conducted in cooperation with other signatory companies of UN Global Compact Japan Network's Collective Action and the NPO Civic Force. In order to encourage employee participation, JSR will reimburse employees for all travel expenses incurred in volunteering.

Volunteer Program Details:
1. Volunteer site: Oshima Island, Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture
2. Volunteer term: Four sets of four-night, five-day terms, twice a month from February to March 2012.
3. Volunteer activities: Making oyster aquaculture rafts and sandbags to support the restoration of the fishing industry and removal of rubble under the direction of the local headquarters for disaster control.
4. Number of estimated participants: 30

*UN Global Compact Network website (Japanese): http://www.ungcjn.org/
*Non-profit organization, Civic Force website: http://civic-force.org/english/