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JSR Employees hold “Fun Experiment Classroom”

CSR  01/31/2012
On January 17th, 2012 JSR employees held the "Fun Experiment Classroom" for 132 fifth-year students from four classes at Hinaga Public Elementary School in Yokkaichi City. The class, the third session held in the past year, is one of JSR's contributions to the efforts to counteract students' move away from science observed in Japan in recent years.

The students interacted with samples of rubber manufactured by JSR and performed coagulation experiments to make synthetic rubber. This special class allowed the students to directly observe chemical reactions and learn about the disposal of waste water produced in the coagulation process. The students seemed to have enjoyed themselves and learned quite a bit, including "It's not okay to pollute water." Another student commented, "I never realized how many things around me have synthetic rubber in them."

JSR will continue these educational efforts in Fiscal Year 2013 as well.