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"The JSR Group Principles of Corporate Ethics"

CSR  01/12/2012
The JSR Group has established the "The JSR Group Principles of Corporate Ethics" which is a standard of behavior which reaches worldwide, including JSR's overseas offices. With this establishment, the JSR Group is proactively advancing its corporate ethics activities.

Until this point, the JSR Group has produced English and Simplified Chinese translations and distributed them electronically, but in order to ensure the further permeation of corporate ethics at our overseas offices, we have produced translations in Traditional Chinese, Thai, and Korean. Furthermore, by producing printed pamphlets in every language, we have made it possible for employees at all Group companies all over the world to become acquainted with "The JSR Group Principles of Corporate Ethics" in their native language (or in a language in which they are proficient).

With corporate ethics, responsible care, risk management, and social contribution as the main tenets of its CSR activities, the JSR Group will build amicable relations with global society and fulfill its Corporate Social Responsibility acting in good faith as a good corporate citizen.