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"Taking Science Lectures on the Road" in Kashima-area

CSR  12/07/2010
On December 7, JSR's Kashima Plant conducted "Taking Science Lectures on the Road Program" for 132 second-year students of Kamisu Dai-san Junior High School in Kamisu City in Ibaraki Prefecture. The special science class was also held last year at the school.

During the class, the team leader of Technical Department 1 of JSR's Kashima Plant acted as the teacher and conducted three experiments: one to produce solid rubber by mixing two different liquids, one involving bouncing balls and non-bouncing balls, and one with easily-breakable plastics and unbreakable plastics. As the experiments were conducted, he explained about the different foams of molecular binding and the different properties of rubber and plastic.

The students responded with positive comments, such as "this class will be useful in our future daily lives," and "we learned that rubber has a variety of natures and properties, which is very close to our daily lives."

Similar classes for elementary and junior high schools are conducted by JSR's Yokkaichi Plant. The JSR Group will continue to create similar opportunities and deliver the excitement and joy of science to more children.