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JSR's Yokkaichi Plant Accepts 2nd-year Junior High School Students for Work Experience

CSR  11/16/2010
JSR's Yokkaichi Plant has been cooperating with work-experience programs run by local junior high school students since 2007, as part of JSR's corporate social responsibility activities. For three days from November 16, 2010, JSR hosted two second-year students from Yokkaichi Utsube Junior High School on the program.

Under unfamiliar circumstances, the students experienced a variety of activities, such as entering a clean room in operation, participating in the "greeting campaign," experiments with rubber at the training center, drills for special firefighters, participating in patrols out of the plant and recreation facilities, as well as participating in work related to real operational and business activities, such as gas chromatographic analysis by the test team, Q⁄R (quality report) issuance, segregation of rubber at the recycling center, gathering news for the in-house newsletter, sorting in-house mail, and secretarial work. The students were appointed as "one-day honorary plant managers" on their last day, and conducted a plant manager patrol. The program provided them with valuable experience, in a mix of tension and curiosity.

Through these work experience programs, companies located in the Yokkaichi industrial complex, including JSR, will demonstrate that we operate our plants with safety and environmental issues as our first priorities. Moreover, such experiences will help students rediscover the fact that chemistry is used in diverse ways in daily products. In this way, we will foster young peoples' interest in chemistry together with their curiosity, and contribute to solving the social problem of young people being disinterested in science.