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JSR holds "Yokkaichi Kid's CO2 Diet Challenge"

CSR  10/04/2010
Since last year, JSR's Yokkaichi Plant has taken part in the "Yokkaichi Kid's CO2 Diet Challenge". The local governments (Mie Prefecture and Yokkaichi City) are the organizers of the program, and seven inner-city corporations that endorse the program motive collaborate to hold environmental classes at elementary schools.

During FY2011, classes were held at the following two schools:
27 September: 140 Grade 4 students at Hinaga Elementary School, Yokkaichi City
1 October: 36 Grade 4 students at Shiohama Elementary School, Yokkaichi City

Students firstly learn about the dangers of global warming, and how to read and record electricity and water meters. After understanding the amounts of electricity and water used at each household, children think up strategies on what they themselves can do, and what their families can do to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions.

Tactics include various ideas such as "reducing the time spent on playing games by an hour" and "using a cup when brushing teeth". Each and every child turns these ideas into actions, and a month later, confirm how much these individual tasks contribute to a greater result.

The "Yokkaichi Kid's CO2 Diet Challenge" environmental classes provide a motive for children to protect the environment in their own ways, and JSR will continue its show its support in the program.