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Local production for local consumption begins at the Yokkaichi Plant cafeteria

CSR  10/04/2010
As part of social contribution activities at a regional level, the cafeteria at JSR's Yokkaichi Plant has started local production for local consumption initiatives by teaming up with a meal service provider to supply the food.
As the phrase suggests, "local production for local consumption" refers to eating locally-produced foods. Seasonal foods of local specialty remain fresh and highly nutritional, and there is the added benefit of revitalization of the local economy, as well as deeper regional attachment. Moreover, because the distance between producer and consumer is short, CO2 emissions are also reduced, which is effective in combating global warming.
Mie Prefecture has designated every third Sunday of the month as "family day", and the preceding Saturday has been called "Mie local produce day", in which places such as restaurants and supermarkets hold campaigns to focus on the Prefecture's groceries. In addition, school lunches in Mie have introduced menus that aim to support the consumption of locally-produced foods.
As part of initiatives undertaken at the Yokkaichi Plant's cafeteria, menu samples which contain the Prefecture's groceries have a "local produce" mark displayed on them. In addition, plans are underway for the provision of a once-a-month special (campaign) menu, whereby Mie's groceries are used. The campaign menu for October is scheduled to be a beef-on-rice dish, using locally-produced Matsuzaka beef. More menus like these, in which a variety of local foodstuffs are used, will continue to be provided.