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JSR has begun collection of aluminum cans

CSR  10/04/2010
As of October, the Social Contribution Committee at JSR's Yokkaichi Plant began collecting aluminum cans, in response to "i-project", a social welfare corporation located in Mie Prefecture.

Mainly based in Yokkaichi City, "i-project" was started up in 2005 as a support group for differently-abled children and their families. The organization is now active as a social welfare corporation. In order for differently-abled persons to carry on with community life, "i-project" offers support programs such as relocation (moving house), job continuation, and lifestyle support/independent living. Aluminum cans are useful in the crushing of cans for multi-functional operating areas.

Empty aluminum cans from the vending machines located next to the cafeteria of the main entrance to the Yokkaichi Plant are collected by "i-project" three to four times a month. The collection of cans is a good opportunity for differently-abled children to interact with the society and people, and is also a path to independence. JSR will continue to make efforts in actively supporting such programs.