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JSR has established "standards for making donations to natural disasters"

CSR  10/01/2010
Thus far, JSR has made contributions to the victims of natural disasters such as major earthquakes, which have occurred both in Japan and overseas. "Standards for making donations to disasters" have been newly-established in order to stipulate evaluation criteria when making donations to natural disasters.

With regard to making contributions, there were no clearly-made standards; therefore, judgments were made on a case-by-case basis. However, the newly-established standards will enable clarification, and contributions can now be made promptly and fairly.

The following is an outline of the donation standards:
+ Serious disasters which have occurred in the areas where the JSR Group's business sites are located
+ Where there has been a request for donations from economic associations in which JSR has affiliations (such as Japan Business Federation, Japan Association of Corporate Executives, and Japan Chemical Industry Association)
+ In addition to the above, connection between the devastated area and the JSR Group and/or if donations have been deemed necessary from a social contribution perspective