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Revision to "JSR Group: Principles of Corporate Ethics"
~ JSR establishes a Code of Conduct for the entire JSR Group; adds content about CSR procurement ~

CSR  10/01/2010
TOKYO - 1 October 2010 - JSR Corporation (President: Mitsunobu Koshiba) has made revisions to the "JSR Group: Principles of Corporate Ethics" as of 1 October 2010. The principles are a code of conduct for the entire JSR Group, which includes all overseas bases located around the world. JSR will focus on permeating this information to its overseas bases, and assertively promote ethical activities at the entire Group.

In 1999, JSR established the "Principles of Corporate Ethics", and earnestly began corporate ethics activities. In 2005, the scope of activities was extended from JSR itself to cover both domestically-located and overseas group companies. To ensure thorough compliance, initiatives such as continued training and employee surveys regarding awareness of corporate ethics, have been conducted.
Until recently, group companies located overseas created their own code of conducts, taking into consideration the local culture, customs, and so forth, based on JSR's principles of corporate ethics. However, in order to enhance corporate ethics activities at a global level throughout the entire Group, the "JSR Group: Principles of Corporate Ethics" have become a world-wide code of conduct.

In addition, as a globally-activ company, the JSR Group strives to practice responsible actions as a member of the international society, and in April 2004, JSR became a participant of the "Global Compact" advocated by the United Nations. The principles of the "Global Compact" have been reflected in the "JSR Group: Principles of Corporate Ethics". In order to actively undertake CSR procurement in the supply chain, content on "CSR procurement" has been newly-added to the current version; in doing so, JSR will strive to engage in sound business practices, together with business partners around the world.

English and Japanese pamphlets of the "JSR Group: Principles of Corporate Ethics" will be distributed, and JSR will actively promote corporate ethics activities for all Group companies located around the world.
*As of 1 October, JSR Group companies consist of a total of 34 companies, of which 17 are located overseas.

JSR will continue to have corporate ethics, responsible care, risk management and social contribution as the four pillars of its CSR activities, and continue to build positive relations with global companies. As a good corporate citizen, JSR will act with integrity, as well as engage in "corporate social responsibility" in order to meet the trust placed in us by society.