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JSR presents exhibit at a Support Project for the Children of Mie Prefecture

CSR  08/28/2010
On 28 August (Saturday), JSR participated in an event, a support project for Mie Prefecture's children. Held at Messe Wing Mie in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture, the event was organized by the Children's Bureau of the Prefecture's Health and Welfare Department.

Mie is promoting projects for the prefecture's children, with the aim to create a community which provides child support, enabling children to develop by displaying their own capabilities. This "exciting town challenge" event was held for the first time this year. The project focuses on the keyword "work", and provides an opportunity for children to interact with adults. The number of participating companies was 18. Children experienced various occupations such as fire fighter, police officer, bank clerk, supermarket attendant, television host, hairdresser, metal factory worker, glass factory worker and florist, receiving a stamp as "payment" for their services. Stamps could be exchanged for tickets at the makeshift "bank", and in turn, the children could receive products at the booth.

JSR participated as a chemical engineering company, and offered the following five jobs: (1) measuring and recording of electricity meters, (2) measuring and recording of sound-level meters, (3) measuring the bouncing of rubber, (4) SBR polymerization experiments and (5) looking at a cell phone's RGB through a microscope. In the SBR polymerization experiment, children were given the opportunity to actually make synthetic rubber. Additionally, children engaged in tasks such as measuring the bouncing of super balls, which are made from various types of synthetic rubber. This enabled participating children to conduct science experiments and to have fun while gaining a little insight into what it is like to work at a chemical engineering firm.