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Table for Two Vending Machines begin operations at JSR's Yokkaichi Plant

CSR  08/13/2010
As part of its CSR activities, JSR Corporation's Yokkaichi Plant has installed two TFT (Table for Two) vending machines, in the eastern and northern areas of the plant. The Suntory vending machines were installed on 1 June 2010 and hence the start to the "Cup for Two" program.

+ If a low-calorie drink such as water or Japanese tea is purchased from a vending machine with a TFT logo mark, part of that sale (¥5 per drink) will go towards the TFT program. Funds go toward providing school meals for children in developing countries.
   * ¥5 per drink is an arbitrary amount
+ During June, 2119 drinks were purchased resulting in a donation of ¥10,595.
+ Since 1 February 2010, the TFT (meal) program has been implemented at Yokkaichi Plant's staff cafeteria.
+ Contributions made since: 6,179 meals = ¥124,000

TABLE FOR TWO is a social contribution movement initiated in Japan to simultaneously address hunger in the developing world, and obesity and other lifestyle related diseases in the developed world. Within a world population of 6.7 billion, one billion suffer from hunger, while another billion suffers from obesity and other lifestyle related diseases, caused by diet. TFT was established in order to address this grave imbalance, and the organization has now spread to the USA. With a purchase of a TFT meal (the meal must be healthy with the total number of calories being approximately 730kcal); 20 yen per meal is donated to TFT, which provides one school meal for a child in a developing country. Agreeing with this philosophy, JSR's Tokyo headquarters have collaborated with a lunch delivery service to prepare TFT lunches, and at the Yokkaichi Plant, a special lunch menu (approximately 730 kcal, cost of meal: ¥280) has been designed at the staff cafeteria.

As a global organization, the JSR Group aims to contribute to a wide range of social challenges, based on its "Basic Approach to Social Contribution", which was established in February 2009. In addition to the TFT programs, JSR has implemented a wide variety of other CSR activities. Given the high level of interest toward social contribution activities by its employees, JSR introduced a volunteer leave system last year and is also in the midst of introducing initiatives to promote the spontaneous participation of such activities by its employees.