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JSR implements private sector training for teaching staff

CSR  07/29/2010
JSR Corporation co-operated in the "private sector training for teaching staff", a program offered by the Keizai Koho Center (Japan Institute for Social and Economic Affairs) every summer. From 29 - 30 July 2010, a two-day training program was held at JSR's head office and the Chiba Plant, where elementary, junior and senior high school teachers enriched their understanding of topics such as ways of thinking about corporate activities and approaches to tackling environmental issues.

This year, JSR took in four teachers. On the first day of the program, which was held at the head office, lectures mainly covered themes such as corporate profile, environment and safety, as well as development of human resources. The second day of training was held at the Chiba Plant, whereby teachers undertook environment and safety training and took part in a plant tour. Teachers were given an opportunity to learn about various measures and schemes to ensure safety at the plant, enabling participating teachers to take back to the classroom, what was acquired during the training program. In particular, as part of disaster prevention training and simulation activities which included getting stuck and caught up in equipment, the teachers learnt about the importance of measures such as reference by pointing, confirming safety, as well as the ability to predict and be alert to potential dangers.

JSR considers the development of future generations to be an important part of social contribution. Based on this belief, the company intends to continue engaging in such activities.