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JSR Begins Operations at Recently Completed LCD Materials Research and Development Facility in Taiwan

R&D  02/16/2012
Tokyo, Japan, February 16, 2012 -JSR Corporation (President: Mitsunobu Koshiba) has begun operations at a newly completed Research and Development Facility at JSR Micro Taiwan Co., Ltd. (a wholly owned subsidiary of JSR; location: Central Taiwan Science Industrial Park, Yulin County, Taiwan).

The facility will strengthen R&D functions at JSR Micro Taiwan (JMW), which manufactures and sells liquid crystal display (LCD) materials in Taiwan. Its construction is also part of the JSR Group's response to the anticipated rise in demand for LCD materials following the construction of factories in China by major Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese companies. Total investment in the facility, including construction fees and evaluation equipment, comes to ¥1.2 billion.

Taiwan is an important international market for LCD panel materials, drawing major manufacturers, but it is also expanding in the field of touch panel materials and other related areas. Up until now, JMW has provided technical support to its major customers using the laboratory established in 2007 within the JMW plant.

This facility, which includes a clean room, will be outfitted with product evaluation equipment and connected to the abutting manufacturing department to provide feedback. Doing so, JMW will create a local system to develop products consistently and respond rapidly to customer requests. In addition to responding to LCD materials customers, the facility will be able to give independent and local technical support to customers in newly developing fields.

As a result of these improvements, JMW will be able to respond appropriately to the needs of its customers in Taiwan in the display materials field by providing high-quality manufacturing, technical development, and technical support.

The JSR Group is taking steps to continually improve its technical services and product development systems for its customers in the LCD display field. The establishment of this R&D facility at JMW is a continuation of this effort after the completion of the R&D facility at JSR Micro Korea in July 2011.

<Outline of JSR Micro Taiwan Research and Development Facility>
      Construction:  Two-floor steel frame construction
      Total Floor Area:  Roughly 3,400㎡
      Construction Begun:  January 2011
      Construction Completed:  February 2012
      Total Investment:  Roughly ¥1.2 Billion

<JSR Micro Taiwan Research and Development Facility>