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JSR Establishes New Company in Acceleration of Biomedical Business
- JSR Life Sciences Corporation -

CORPORATE  02/06/2012
Tokyo, Japan, February 6, 2012- JSR Corporation (President: Mitsunobu Koshiba) has decided to establish a new company (JSR Life Sciences Corporation) for the development, manufacturing and sale of biomedical materials. The new company will commence operations in April 2012. In order to meet a wide variety of customer needs, JSR will consolidate its medical materials resources into this new company, thereby working towards more rapid product development, improved customer services specialized for the medical field, and the strengthening of JSR's quality assurance system.

JSR has been engaged in the biomedical materials field, one of its three strategic businesses, since 2009. The biomedical materials business is also designated as one of our priority areas in the JSR20i3 mid-term business plan launched in Fiscal Year 2012 ending March 2012.

The establishment of this company will streamline the biomedical materials business' business planning, sales, research & development, manufacturing, and quality assurance allowing JSR to improve the efficiency of its business operations. This improved efficiency makes possible rapid expansion into the global market, including developing countries, and the acceleration of our medical materials business.

Biomedical materials developed using JSR material technologies make up the mainstays of the new company and specifically consist of: 1) bio-process materials including affinity particles* used in the purification of antibody drugs, 2) particle materials used in diagnostic products in addition to diagnostic products used with antibody drugs, and 3)medical polymers. Upon commencement of business operations, the company will work together with J & W Beijing Biotech Co., Ltd., (a joint venture to be established in China this year to promote the diagnostic intermediates business) and biomedical materials businesses managed by JSR group members in the U.S. and Europe. This establishment of a global business structure will enable the JSR Group to promptly respond to changes in the global market.
* Chromatography media for biomolecule purification using specific affinity to target molecules.

Under JSR's corporate mission of "Materials Innovation - We create value through materials to enrich society, people and the environment," the new company will actively cooperate with outside organizations, placing emphasis on its wide range of highly competitive particle and polymer technologies, thereby aiming to make both a new business and contributions to society.

Overview of the New Company:
     Name: JSR Life Sciences Corporation
     Address: Shiodome Sumitomo Building 1-9-2 Higashi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
     Representative: Nobutaka Tani
     Business description: The research, development, manufacture and sale of medical products.
     Date of Establishment: February 2012
     Date of Launch of Operations: April 2012
     Capital: 300 million yen
     Investment ratio: JSR Corporation 100%