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Techno Polymer Co., Ltd. Develops Squeak Noise Reducing Resin
-Streamlining the manufacturing process and improving product reliability-

PRODUCTS  10/31/2011
TOKYO - October 31, 2011- Harnessing the skills developed through its material development experience, Techno Polymer Co., Ltd (President: Koichi Kawasaki), a fully owned subsidiary of JSR Corporation (President: Nobu Koshiba) that produces and sells ABS resin among other products, has developed a special styrenic thermoplastic resin that reduces squeak noises generated from the fitting of plastic parts in addition to other products. Named the HUSHLLOY Series and available in a variety of grades, the product is now being used by several companies and will start full-fledged sales shortly.

The main feature of HUSHLLOY™, a special styrenic thermoplastic resin, is that the product has the ability to effectively reduce squeak noises and other unpleasant sounds generated from point of contact of plastic parts.
According to the squeak noise risk assessment utilized by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA)2, a 10-point scale where 10 is the highest risk level, HUSHLLOY™ scores from 1 to 3 points. In contrast, general ABS resins score from 6 to 10 points. HUSHLLOY™'s highly rated performance has resulted in its adoption in the manufacturing of automotive parts and electronic components.

Application of grease or non-woven fabrics are the methods currently popular for reducing squeak noises. However, HUSHLLOY™ can be easily used in place of these products and reduce a variety of costs including the purchase of grease and non-woven fabric, labor, and inspection. Due to the product's permanence, it is also possible to prevent attenuation of the noise-dampening effect due to the deterioration of grease or other factors that arise with previous products.

Automotive parts: indicators, air conditioning equipment filter retainers, cup holders, meter housing, etc.

Electronics parts: Digital video cameras, disc trays, automotive navigation systems, etc.

Household goods: Beds, chairs, etc.

The HUSHLLOY™ series includes a wide range of resin types (heat-resistant, low-gloss, glass-reinforced, and PC alloy). All resins in the series effectively reduce the squeak noise while maintaining the well-balanced physical properties, excellent moldability, and stable mold shrinkage of conventional ABS resins. The mechanical properties and mold shrinkage factor are equal to those of ABS resin and PC alloys allowing customers to continue to use current molds as-is.

Techno Polymer aims to expand its business by continuing development of new products and offering users a wide range of solutions taking advantage of its proprietary polymer design and colored compound (composite) technologies.

1 HUSHLLOY™ is now under trademark application by Techno Polymer Co., Ltd.
2 Stick-slip tester SSP-02 manufactured by Zeigler Company, Germany (Standard tester used by VDA) Scale: 1 low ← risk of squeak noise generation → high 10.