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JSR to start operation of new R&D facility of LCD materials in Korea
- Construction completed at JSR Micro Korea -

R&D  07/21/2011
TOKYO, Japan - July 21, 2011 - JSR Corporation (President: Mitsunobu Koshiba) has announced that JSR Micro Korea (a 100% subsidiary of JSR) completed the construction and will start operation of a new research laboratory. The facility enhances the research and development function of liquid crystal display (LCD) materials, which are manufactured and sold at JSR Micro Korea. The amount of investment such as establishment and installation of evaluation equipment is valued at approximately ¥1 billion.

Korea has a major LCD panel market, with the world's number one and two manufacturers located there. In Korea thus far, laboratory facilities at JSR Micro Korea have been used to provide technical services for customers. By this new laboratory containing a clean room with evaluation equipment and analytical instruments, product development to meet customers' needs can be consistently and locally undertaken. As a company that excels in production, technology development, and technical support in the field of display materials, JSR Group will strive to respond appropriately to the needs of customers in Korea.

Additionally, the market in China is expected to grow where several plans are being constructed by LCD panel manufacturers. The JSR Group will take measures to strengthen its product development system, sales and technical support service to these customers; and the new research laboratory established at JSR Micro Korea is part of the Group's initiatives, following the construction of the new laboratory at JSR Micro Taiwan. JSR Micro Korea will strengthen its partnership with JSR (Shanghai), a subsidiary established March 2010 and will keep accurately informed about the fast-growing Chinese market, ensuring that prompt responses are provided to customers in expanding China.

<JSR Micro Korea's research laboratory>
Construction: Steel construction (3 floors)
Total floor space: Approximately 4,000㎡
Commencement of work: September 2010
Completion: July 2011
Commencement of operations: July 2011
Amount of investment: Approximately ¥1 billion