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JSR markets SIFCLEAR*1 fluorine-acrylic emulsion for thermal insulation paints - A material that extends the life of thermal insulation effects -

PRODUCTS  06/13/2011
TOKYO – June 13, 2011– JSR Corporation (President: Mitsunobu Koshiba) has launched SIFCLEAR, a fluorine-acrylic water-based emulsion that is derived by compatibilizing polyvinylidene fluoride-based polymers with acrylic polymers on a molecular level to be used as a material for thermal insulation paints.

Paints that are based on this product are characterized by high weather resistance and contamination resistance; stains that develop on the surface due to an extended period of exposure to weather can be easily removed with water, such as rain water. These characteristics help prevent reduction in the infrared reflection effect that is caused by fouling of coated surfaces, thereby ensuring long-term functionality of thermal insulation paints.

The near infrared ray reflection performance of a surface coated with a conventional thermal insulation paint drops more than 15% after exposure to weather for a three-month period, whereas SIFCLEAR™ reduces the performance degradation to only about 3%.

As there is an urgent need to take energy-saving measures, thermal insulation paints have drawn public attention because they suppress temperature rises in buildings caused by sunlight. We offer this product as a material for increasing the performance of thermal insulation paints, thereby contributing to a reduction in air-conditioning costs, CO2 emissions, and environmental impact.

This product is derived from well-balanced compatibilization of fluorine-based and acrylic-based polymers by taking advantage of our emulsion and polymer alloying techniques. Specifically, fluorine-based polymers (that feature durability) are compatibilized with acrylic-based polymers to control the balance of hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity of materials. The coated surfaces are characterized by high weather resistance, excellent fouling resistance, and ease of removing stains. This product also features better film formation performance (as used in paints) than that of conventional fluorine emulsion-based materials, enabling film formation at relatively low temperatures.

Prior to the release of this fluorine-based product, we launched a water-based single-solution type emulsion (a composite of polysiloxane and acrylic polymer) derived from our refined sol-gel technologies and proprietary emulsion polymerization technologies. Made as a stable emulsion, this product is also easy to handle; formed films are characterized by excellent weather resistance and fouling resistance thanks to strong siloxane bonds. Thus, this product has been widely used as a weatherproof coating material for cement-based construction materials.

We will make efforts to ensure the successful launch of our businesses in the environment and energy sectors that are defined as strategic businesses in JSR20i3, a mid-term business starting from April 2011.

*1 JSR Corporation has applied for a trademark of SIFCLEAR.