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CSR Report 2012

Biodiversity Conservation

Basic Approach and Efforts

As indicated in the Responsibility to Society, which is one of our responsibilities to our stakeholders stipulated in our Management Policies, the JSR Group strives to continue its active contribution to conserving biodiversity throughout our business activities and the entire product lifecycle. In FY2011, we commenced efforts mainly based on the Japan Business Initiative for Biodiversity (JBIB). Through these efforts, our achievements included preparation of the Map of Corporate Activities and Biodiversity for synthetic rubbers and fine chemicals, both of which are our main products, as well as identification of how our business activities depended and impacted on biodiversity at every step in the process of raw material procurement, production, transport, use, and collection. As a result, on top of promoting our previous measures to reduce environmental impact, we found that it was necessary to pay special attention to raw material procurement and land use at our business establishments.
As for land use at our business establishments, in FY2012, we assessed the biodiversity of green spaces at four of JSR's business establishments (Yokkaichi Plant, Chiba Plant, Kashima Plant, and Tsukuba Research Laboratories), as well as at JSR Micro Kyushu Co., Ltd. Such assessments were carried out in accordance with the Guidelines for Promoting Business Establishments in Harmony with Living Things, the development of which was participated in by JSR. Using the Land Use Score Report, which is included in the guidelines, we gave scores to the structuring of their green spaces and their management methods, checked with experts as to the types of insects and birds inhabiting the sites, and determined the level of consideration given to biodiversity.

For details, please read Feature Article 2.


CSR Report 2012