Binders for Batteries

Product Description

Lithium Ion Battery is nowadays indispensable for Electric Vehicles, Tablets, Notebook PCs etc.
JSR's BINDER " TRD series " works to maintain the electrode structure in battery even in a long Charge-Discharge cycle.
For high capacity needs, Silicon Anode requires more toughness to binder in much severer Charge-Discharge condition, and JSR's advanced polymer technologies have fulfilled the market needs with a variety of unique BINDER performance.
JSR TRD series also can realize a water-base cathode process and meet a demand of SOLVENT-LESS environment.

[Lithium Ion Battery]

Lithium Ion Battery
Based on a wide variety of particle design, JSR TRD series binder can provide various properties.
  • JSR TRD series can control binder distribution in the electrode and reduce the electrical resistance.
  • JSR TRD series binder can firmly maintain the electrode structure by strong adhesion.
  • JSR binder can improve processability by controlling the stability of binder particles in water.

Product List

Grade Characteristics
TRD2001 Standard
TRD102A Fine particle
Good compatibility with small particle AM
TRD104A Control migration
Strong adhesion
TRD105A High polymer toughness
TRD202A Fluorine acrylate binder
Low resistance property
water base cathode

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