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Dialogue with Stakeholders / JSR Group’s Materiality and the SDGs - 1

Dialogue with Stakeholders

In FY2015, we took the step of identifying our Materiality (Priority Issues) for the entire JSR Group. We reexamine this Materiality each time we prepare a new mid-term business plan in order to advance management founded on integrated business and CSR.
International moves toward realizing a sustainable society are accelerating. This is evidenced, for example, by the adoption of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations. With this in mind, we welcomed experts on ESG investment, the SDGs, and other international social trends to participate in a dialogue on the theme of “JSR Group’s Materiality and the SDGs.” This dialogue was oriented toward a reevaluation of our materiality that is scheduled to take place during formulation of our next mid-term business plan, whose commencement will be in FY2020.
We began by having two experts give their views on the identification and validity of JSR Group’s current materiality before moving on to the main discussion.


The outside experts

Keisuke Takegahara
Keisuke Takegahara

Executive Officer of the Development Bank of Japan
Member of METI’s Study Group on Long-term Investment toward Sustainable Growth

Kaori Kuroda
Kaori Kuroda

Executive Director of CSO Network Japan
Member of the Cabinet Office’s SDGs Promotion Roundtable Meeting


  • Nobuo Kawahashi
    Nobuo Kawahashi

    Director and Executive Managing Officer*
    Research & Development, Human Resources, Diversity Development

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson

    Managing Officer*
    Life Sciences, North America Business

  • Takao Shimizu
    Takao Shimizu

    Senior Officer
    Office of the President, IT Strategy, Business Process Renovation

  • Yasufumi Fujii
    Yasufumi Fujii

    General Affairs, Secretarial Office, CSR

*The titles provided above are as of the date the dialogue took place.
Eric Johnson became Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Nobuo Kawahashi became Representative Director, President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) in June 2019.


Hidenori Imazu

Program member of the academic association “Japan Forum of Business and Society”

Dialogue with Stakeholders

May 13, 2019, at JSR Corporation Headquarters