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Performance Chemicals

Backboned with polymer technologies, JSR provides high-functional materials across a wide range of areas.

Water-based Durable Stain Resistance Emulsion

Functional Emulsion SIFCLEAR™Technical Data(PDF 304KB)

SIFCLEAR™ is a water-based emulsion made of hydrophobic units (Vinylidene fluoride system type and Siloxane system type) and hydrophilic units (acrylic polymers) made compatible at molecular level. It has high weather resistance and high stain resistance. Due to its transparency, SIFCLEAR™ also can be used as a transparent coating material.
(Application examples: resin additive, coating agent, paint additive, and coating material)

Latent Heat Storage Materials

Latent Heat Storage Material CALGRIP™

CALGRIP™ is a thermal storage material that is paraffin, a type of organic compound, combined with a JSR proprietary polymer. This material allows for "thermal control," the trapping and release of heat, leading to more efficient use of energy. Compared with conventional paraffin-based latent heat storage materials, CALGRIP™'s latent heat storage capacity is increased by 40 to 100%.

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  • Water-based Durable Stain Resistance Emulsion
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