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JM Energy’s New Lithium Ion Capacitor Plant with the World’s Highest Supply Capacity Completed

CORPORATE  03/04/2015
Tokyo, Japan, March 4, 2015 - JSR Corporation (President: Mitsunobu Koshiba) is pleased to announce that JM Energy Corporation (President: Eiichi Kobayashi, fully funded by JSR, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture), a 100% JSR subsidiary focusing on lithium ion capacitors technology (LIC), has completed a new high-volume production plant with capacity of 3 million cells a year, this is the world’s first LIC high-volume production plant boasting such a production scale. The plant will launch its shipment of products to customers gradually in June 2015. The total investment is approximately 6 billion yen.

The ceremony was attended by officials not only from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, but also from the local governments of Yamanashi Prefecture and Hokuto City, as well as from engineering companies and partner companies. It was also attended by the President of JSR, JM Energy’s parent company, and by representatives of some of the JSR Group companies worldwide.

<Ceremony to celebrate the completion of the plant>

In November 2008, JM Energy began to operate the world’s first high-volume production facility for large-capacity LICs. The company globally supplies the ULTIMO® series: a thin, lightweight laminate cell (production capacity: 300,000 cells/year); a robust prismatic cell (production capacity: 120,000 cells/year); and module solutions in which cells are connected to each other so that they can be used at high voltage. Of these, a prismatic cell is being used for a particularly wide variety of uses, ranging from low-voltage, stand-alone industrial machines to high-voltage mobile units. A rapid increase in the demand for this product is expected.

Featuring high output density, high energy density, and high voltage, LICs are a large-capacity capacitor, a type of electricity storage device. In particular, the ULTIMO® series is a super-low-resistance type, and compared with secondary batteries, the energy loss generated during charging and discharging is much smaller. In addition, the series features high reliability, safety, and durability. Moreover, they can charge and discharge more than 1 million times, equivalent to, or more than electrical double layer capacitors (EDLCs). These products are now increasingly being used for rapid charging and discharging, energy recovery systems, peak-assist, electricity leveling, and other purposes. Also, they are used for equipment related to renewable energy such as wind power generation and solar power generation, various types of industrial equipment such as instantaneous voltage drop compensators, medical equipment, and automated guided equipment, as well as large-scale construction equipment such as hybrid power shovels, and mobile units such as hybrid buses.

Ensuring that JM Energy Corporation plays the main role in our LIC business, the JSR Group will continue to secure cooperation with our business bases in the U.S. and Europe, and supply ULTIMO®, the key device for energy saving and an effective use of energy, for an extensive range of applications.

<Overview of JM Energy’s New Plant>
Construction: Steel construction (four-story)
Total floor space: 8,400 m2
Start of construction: April 2014
Investment: Approx. 6 billion yen (including production equipment, plant structure, dry room, automated warehouse, and co-generation system)
Production capacity: 3 million ULTIMO® prismatic-can-structure cells/year
(Reference) Production capacity of the existing manufacturing equipment: 120,000 prismatic-can-structure cells/year; 300,000 laminate cells/year

<Aerial View of JM Energy>