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JSR Receives Tokyo Stock Exchange's '14th Disclosure Award'

IR  03/09/2009
JSR Corporation ("JSR"; President: Yoshinori Yoshida), has received the Tokyo Stock Exchange's "14th Disclosure Award."

Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)'s Disclosure Award is given once a year to companies that have been recognized for their proactive disclosure in presenting public business information with an appropriate timing, manner and in ways easy to understand for investors.

Companies to be honored are selected by the "Award Selection Committee of Listed Companies," comprised of scholars, public accountants, securities analysts and institutional investors. This year, seven companies, including JSR, were selected for the award.

During the selection process, the following criteria were evaluated:
(Quote taken from TSE materials)

* In the business results summary, outlines on business performance are described in segments. Likewise, in the midterm management plan, a segment-wise business scenario is outlined in concrete terms. Financial results are made public at an early date; and the company puts into practice timely information disclosure.
* In the business report, progress in the midterm plan is described in simple terms. In the CSR report, content is described in a Q&A format, providing self-evaluation and analysis regarding the environmental progress target. Various documents provided to shareholders are visually presented in an original way, and are compiled in a way that makes them easy to read. On JSR's Web site, there are English-language pages and video clips of announcements of business results.
Below are the comments made by JSR President Yoshinori Yoshida upon receipt of the award.

"I feel honored that JSR has been chosen for an award of such prestige. As a company that upholds a management plan 'to enhance management efficiency, pursue transparency and soundness, and to strive to become a corporate entity trusted by stakeholders,' JSR has been proactively involved in the disclosure of essential corporate information: quickly, accurately, fairly and easily comprehensible. Through announcing business results at an early date, providing rich content with business results summaries, annual reports and a Web site, as well as IR activities, JSR strives for an optimal and accurate disclosure of management information. In addition to the business report, booklets are sent to shareholders every year introducing JSR's products and businesses, conveying, in comprehensible terms, what we strive for in our business.

"It is a great honor for us to receive such an appraisal of our activities and receive this prestigious award for the second time, following the 9th award in the year 2003. Encouraged by this, we will continue to strive for disclosure with high transparency, and to become a company trusted by all."