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JSR Strengthens Production Capacity for LCD Materials
- Reinforcing Multiple Domestic Production Bases -

PRODUCTS  09/17/2009
At the end of August, JSR Corporation (President: Mitsunobu Koshiba) completed the expansion of a production facility for leading-edge liquid crystal displays (LCD) materials at JSR Micro Kyushu Co., Ltd. (a wholly owned subsidiary: Saga Prefecture, Japan), and began test runs at the facility. The expansion was undertaken to reinforce production capacity so as to meet future expansion in the demand for LCD materials.

The demand for LCD materials, which has been temporarily stagnant due to the global economic slowdown that began last autumn, has been on the verge of recovery since the beginning of this year-supported by policies enacted by various countries to stimulate demand. Such measures include China's policy of "spreading electric appliances into agricultural households by providing subsidies" and Japan's "eco-point system." Demand has now recovered to the level of the same period last year, and it is expected that this trend will continue. The midterm prospect is that after 2012, global demand for LCD materials on a quantity base is expected to expand to about twice the amount of 2008's actual results.

JSR Micro Kyushu was established in 1996 as a second domestic production base for semiconductor materials, following the Yokkaichi Plant. With regards to display materials, as the second domestic production base, JSR Micro Kyushu has been engaged in the production of color pigmented resists from 2001. However, due to production starting up in South Korea and Taiwan, the company at one time stopped production of the materials at the plant. However, the construction of a production facility for leading-edge LCD materials marks the start of a new chapter, and the company will start operations at the plant with the production of alignment films and interlayer films. The plant will conduct test runs and seek approval by users throughout the year, and will start to supply products next spring, mainly in Japan. However, in order to meet the midterm perspective of global demand expansion, it is planned to supply products on a global basis, centering on Taiwan and China.

JSR produces a wide range of LCD-related products based on its leading-edge technologies such as color pigmented resists, protective coatings, photo-sensitive spacers, alignment films, insulating layers, LCD retardation films (Arton films), antireflective coating materials, and hard coat materials.

By meeting our clients' needs precisely, based on leading-edge technologies, JSR plans to further expand its business with semiconductor materials.

By strengthening production and supply system at JSR Yokkaichi Plant, JSR Micro Kyushu (Saga Prefecture), JSR Micro Korea (South Korea), and JSR Micro Taiwan (Taiwan), JSR will further reinforce its customer service system to better serve its domestic and other Asian clients.

Outline of JSR Micro Kyushu Corporation

Established: June 5, 1996
Representative: Hideki Takeda
Capital: ¥300 million (100 percent JSR ownership)
Address: 1580-1 Kamiizumi Kuboizumicho, Saga City, Saga Prefecture, Japan
Investment amount for strengthening production capacity: ¥1.4 billion