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JSR develops CALGRIP*1, a latent heat storage material enhancing temperature control performance

PRODUCTS  07/19/2011
TOKYO - July 19, 2011 -JSR Corporation (President: Mitsunobu Koshiba) has developed CALGRIP™, a latent heat storage material. Compared with conventional paraffin-based latent heat storage materials, CALGRIP's latent heat storage capacity has been increased by 40-100% by stabilizing paraffin with special olefin-based thermoplastic elastomer. This product extends the cold insulation period approximately twice to four times compared with conventional general cold insulators, which makes it possible to reduce the space required for cold insulation equipment.

Due to CALGRIP's excellent heat storage performance, our customers have investigated various applications including highly efficient air conditioning systems as well as heat storage for building shells and hot water storage tanks. CALGRIP is expected to help level the electricity demand load and cope with planned power outages. With its increased heat storage capacity, CALGRIP also helps reduce space and cost, because less latent heat storage material is required than conventional products to demonstrate the equivalent heat storage performance.

Latent heat refers to energy that is released or absorbed when the state of a material changes from solid to liquid, etc. Capable of storing cold and hot heat, latent heat storage materials are used to effectively utilize nighttime electric power as well as renewable energy including solar heat. As there is an urgent need to take energy-saving measures, latent heat storage materials have drawn public attention for helping reduce costs, CO2 emissions, and environmental impact.

We reviewed the molecular design of conventional olefin-based thermoplastic elastomers and improved their compatibility with paraffin, which is widely used as a latent heat storage material; the success in producing highly stabilized paraffin led to development of CALGRIP, a latent heat storage material with a significantly higher latent heat storage capacity. Characterized by excellent formability and recyclability derived from thermoplastic elastomer materials, CALGRIP can be formed into configurations that are appropriate for diverse applications; CALGRIP is available in five grades (4℃, 9℃, 18℃, 25℃, and 80℃) for different applications, including cold insulation, air conditioning, as well as the heat storage of building shells and hot water storage tanks.

We will demonstrate and review CALGRIP's performance with air conditioning systems to be set up in new buildings of our group companies.

We will continue to develop innovative materials and technologies, in an effort to provide users with ever higher added value and help conserve the global environment while building a recycling society under the corporate mission of "Materials Innovation - We create value through materials to enrich society, people and the environment." We will make efforts to ensure the successful launch of our businesses in the environment and energy sectors in line with JSR20i3, our mid-term business plan starting from April 2011.

*1 JSR Corporation has applied for trademark registration of CALGRIP.