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Corporate Ethics and Legal Compliance

Basic Approach

The JSR Group's approach to corporate ethics and legal compliance revolves around the two central principles of upholding the law and ethical action. Our Corporate Ethics Committee carries out activities aimed at encouraging employees to hold high ethical standards and to act with fairness and integrity.

Corporate Ethics Activities

In April 2005, the JSR Group established the JSR Group Principles of Corporate Ethics to serve as specific guidelines for corporate ethics. In September 2008, the principles were partially revised to reflect the higher standards called for by society. All our domestic and foreign Group companies take an integrated approach to the promotion of corporate ethics activities.

Three Pillars of Corporate Ethics Activities

(1) Education
Following adoption of the JSR Group Principles of Corporate Ethics, awareness-raising campaigns visit all domestic and overseas business sites, and various types of training are conducted periodically.
(2) Corporate Ethics Awareness Survey
Every two years, the JSR Group conducts a survey of corporate ethics awareness among all Group employees, and this assists us to understand and make improvements in problem areas related to corporate ethics. The most recent survey was carried out in the autumn of 2009.
(3) Hotline (internal reporting system)
The JSR Group introduced an internal reporting system known as the Hotline. JSR has long had an internal hotline for communicating with the JSR Corporate Ethics Committee as well as an external line for communicating with an attorney. In September 2008, we concluded a contract with Integrex Inc., a specialist in the field, and added the Integrex Hotline with English and Chinese support to establish a structure that facilitates access by personnel at overseas business sites.

Link to the JSR Group Principles of Corporate Ethics

Use of the JSR Group Hotlines
Corporate Ethics Seminars for Executives

Employees attend a course on corporate ethics
Seminar for executives

To provide the knowledge and awareness necessary to improve corporate ethics at management level, JSR has been holding seminars on corporate ethics for its executives every two years since FY2006 (April 1, 2005 to March 31, 2006).

In FY2010, we welcomed Nobuo Gohara, an attorney and professor at Meijo University who appears frequently in the media, to speak at the seminar. He gave a one and a half hour lecture on “The End of a Thinking Society: New Developments in Legal Compliance,” which included numerous real cases. JSR executives asked many questions and, with Attorney Gohara’s extensive, first-hand experience of real-life corporate scandals, it was a stimulating and practical seminar.

The content of the lecture has also been used for management training throughout the Group.

Legal Compliance Measures

The JSR Group established and put into operation a legal compliance confirmation system in FY2008, to reinforce legal compliance structures. Under the leadership of the Corporate Ethics Committee, the laws and regulations that must be observed in each country are identified and yearly checks on the legal compliance status of JSR and all domestic and overseas Group companies are carried out and any necessary reforms made.

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