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12Company founded(as Japan Synthetic Rubber Co., Ltd.)in accordance with the Special Measures Law for the Synthetic Rubber Manufacturing industry.
4Yokkaichi Plant began production and sales of butadiene,SBR,and SB latex lines.Osaka Branch was Opened.
6The Nagoya Branch was opened. Sales of High-styrene latex began.
7Sales of paper coating latex (PCL) began.
10JSR advanced into the field of synthetic resins and production of ABS resin began within the Yokkaichi Plant.
11Sales of NBR began.
2Sales of BR began.
4The Chiba Plant was completed, and production of butadiene began.
7The European Office was opened.
3Sales of IIR began.
4Changed company's status to private owned.
9Sales of EP began.
1The Kashima Plant was completed, and production of butadiene and SBR began.
12Sales of IR began.
6Sales of RB began.
4Sales of acrylic emulsion began.
4Sales of CIR (negative type photoresist) began. JSR advanced into the semiconductor materials business.
4Sales of AES resin began.
7With the commencement of sales in IMMUTEX (uniform latex for clinical dianosis), JSR advanced into the life sciences field.
5Importation and sales of optical fiber coating materials began.
11Sales of PFR (positive type photoresist) began.
5Sales of DESOLITE (optical fiber coating materials), resin began. Mighty Series (structural adhesive) began.
5Sales of SIS (Styrene Isoprene block Copolymer) began.
3Sales of OPTMER AL (Alignment films for LCDs) and OPTMER SS (protective coatings for LCDs) began.
4Two-day weekends and flexible working hours were introduced to the entire company. Under cooperative development with Sony Corp., the Solid Creation System, which makes 3D plastic models by using lasers and computers was developed, and sales began.
5Tsukuba Research Laboratory was officially opened.
10Japan's first plant specializing in TR(thermoplastic elastomer) production, SHELL JSR ELASTOMERS K.K.was completed within the Kashima Plant.
11Sales began on newly developed PCRs and ICs inspection systems.
2Concerning photoresists for Europe and North America, a joint venture contract was signed with UCB S.A. (Belgium).
10Sales of DYNAFLOW began.
1Childcare leave and healthcare leave systems were introduced.
5DYNARON (hydrogenated polymer) and DYNARON ALLOY (the thermoplastic elastomer using this polymer) were developed, and sales began.
1New research building was completed within the Yokkaichi Plant.
7UCB-JSR Electronics S.A. (Belgium) became wholly-owned subsidiary of JSR, and restarted by being renamed JSR ELECTRONICS N.V. Simultaneously JSR MICROELECTRONICS,INC. acquired U.S. operation as their subsidiary.
2ISO9002 certification were obtained for synthetic resin and NBR of the Yokkaichi Plant.
12The Shanghai Office was opened. Sales of OPTMER CR (color pigment dispersed resists for LCDs color filters) began. In order to conduct local production of CMB, capital investment was made in PI INDUSTRY LTD.(Thailand).
7The Seoul Office was opened.
9ISO9002 certification was obtained for the semiconductor, display, and edge computing materials of the Yokkaichi Plant.
11A high transfer blow molding technology (J-Blow) which gives excellent appearances equivalent to injection molding was developed.
6A microphotoresist manufacturing subsidiary, JSR Electronics Kyushu Co., Ltd.(Saga) was established. Sales of epoxy type photo-curing resin having high accuracy, high-performance for photofabrication (stereolithography)
7The ABS resin business was integrated with that of the Mitsubishi Chemical Corp., and a joint venture company, Techno Polymer Co., Ltd. was established.
3Construction work was completed for photoresist plant of JSR MICROELECTRONICS, INC.
9ARTON™ mass-production plant was completed within the Chiba Plant.
10The Taiwan Office was opened. Completed a photoresist production plant of JSR Electronics Kyushu Co., Ltd.
11The Singapore Office was opened. ARTON Process Research Laboratory was officially opened.
12Changed of corporate name to "JSR Corporation."
3ISO14001 certification was obtained for the Yokkaichi Plant.
2Photosensitive spacers and other LCD Materials launched in a new high-performance product range to create LCD panels of higher contrast and precision.

A new mainstay information system was constructed and put into full information from April 1 st to unify the management of informantion on sales, operation, accounts, personnel and all other aspects of business astivity.

High-performance ;olishing slurries (the CMS series) launched for full-scale sales.

JSR Microelectronics (US) became the first japanese-affiliated resistar manufacturer to begin production of excimer laser photoresist outside Japan.

ISO14001 certification was obtained for the Chiba Plant.

5ISO14001 certification was obtained for the Kashima Plant.
3A new masterbatch company ELASTOMIX (THAILAND) CO., LTD. was established in Thailand.
4IMEC (Inter-unibersity Micro Electronics Center) selected JSR ArF resist for 130nm devices.
3New plant start to produce coating materials, Desolite, for optical fiber. JSR realize Dual Production Sites.
10Launch of "JSR EXCELINK," new sophisticated olefin-based thermoplastic elastomer.
10JSR Electronics Kyushu Co., Ltd., JSR Microelectronics, Inc. and JSR ELECTRONICS N.V. changed their names to "JSR Micro Kyushu Co., Ltd.," "JSR Micro,Inc." and "JSR Micro N.V." accordingly. Begins production of emulsion polymerization SBR consigned by Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. Posts personnel dedicated to the electronic materials business in the Shanghai representative office to strengthen this business area in China.
11Completes new plant facilities for semiconductor materials in Belgium.
12Completes new plant facilities for CMP polishing pads in the Yokkaichi Plant.
5Relocates the Head Office to HAMARIKYU Parkside Place, 6-10 Tsukiji5-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
12Production plant of ARTON film for optical use was completed on the Yokkaichi Plant premise.
1Stock trading unit reduced from 1,000 to 100 shares.
4JSR group company "NICHIGO SHOJI CO.,LTD." changed name to "JSR Trading Co., Ltd.".
5Constructed JSR Micro,Inc.,the application laboratory of CMP for semiconductor manufacture.
6Achieved "zero waste" at all plants as a first for the petrochemical industry.
7JSR group company "Nichigo Engineering Co., Ltd." changed name to "JSR ENGINEERING CO., LTD.".
10JSR Micro Korea Co., Ltd (plant for production of LCD Materials) was completed and started commercial production.
12Succeeded as the first company in the world to achieve a resolution of 32 nm through ArF Immersion Lithography.
4JSR has developed photocatalytic coating materials with super long-term durability making use of organic/inorganic hybrid technology, and has launched it as a new product in the DYNACERA lineup.
8Completed the 2nd phase construction of the production plant for display materials (JSR Micro Korea Co., Ltd) in South Korea, and full operations began.
11Increased production capacity for SSBR (Solution Polymerized SBR).
1Completed the construction of new clean room facilities at the Yokkaichi research center.
2Together with IBM, JSR has further advanced the viability of immersion lithography by demonstrating sub-30nm patterning with ArF lithography systems.
3Completed construction of precision machining pilot facilities at the Yokkaichi plant.
7JSR Micro Taiwan Co., Ltd. (plant for production of LCD materials) was completed and started commercial production.
10Received the Best Supplier Award for ArF resist for the next generation memory from Samsung Electronics.
3Completes Yokkaichi Training center
Launched the Campaign of the Corporate Slogan,"With chemistry,we can."
Received Japan Industrial Techniques Grand Prix.
Completes "Kinki University Molecular Engineering Institute,JSR Functional Material Research Center."
5JSR received "FY2006 The Society of Polymer Science, Japan Prize" for developing fuel cell electrolyte membrane film.
6Concluded capacity rights agreement with Dow Europe GmbH to receive SSBR (Solution SBR)
8Established "JM Energy Corporation" for lithium ion capacitor businesses.
11Completed phase II of the constructions of JSR Micro Taiwan Co., Ltd
12Completes of the Precision Process Research Laboratories in the Yokkaichi district.
JSR and IBM concluded a joint-development agreement to R&D next generation semiconductor processes.
Company celebrates 50th anniversary since establishment
3Introduce the "Career Redevelopment System" to re-employ former employees who left the company such as to raise children, nurse family members.
9Singapore office was opened.
11JM Energy Completed construction of world's first commercial production plant of lithium ion capacitors.
1Relocates the Head office to Shiodome Sumitomo Bldg., 1-9-2 Higashi- Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
3Joint-venture Techno Polymer Co., Ltd. becomes 100% subsidiary.
11JSR Starts Operations at New Plant Facilities for Cutting-edge Lithography Materials in Response to Increase in Demand for ArF Photoresists
1JSR awarded CSJ's 58th Award for Technical Development 2009
3JSR to establish overseas subsidiary in China
4Installation of a large-scale, natural gas-fired turbine cogeneration system at the Yokkaichi Plant.
7Announcement of Increasing production capacity of SSBR (solution polymerization styrene-butadiene rubber) and DYNARON (hydrogenated polymer)
10"With chemistry, we can.", the history book of JSR’s first 50 years, was awarded by Japan Business History Institute.
Japan Butyl Co. Ltd. completes Butyl Rubber capacity expansion at Kawasaki Plant
Launching new, highly tough Polylactic acid-based bioplastic:"BIOLLOYTM"
1Announcement of expansion of EP production capacity at JSR Group
7Starting operation of new R&D facility of LCD materials in Korea
11JSR Shanghai Establishes Sales Base in Beijing and Shenzhen, China
12Completed Increase of Manufacturing Capacity of Solution Polymerization Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SSBR)
JM Energy Completed Construction of Manufacturing Plant, Evaluation Building and Safety Assessment Laboratory for Flat Prismatic Type Lithium Ion Capacitors
Established Diagnostic Products Joint Venture called “J&W Biotech Co., Ltd.” in China
2Began Operations at Recently Completed LCD Materials Research and Development Facility in Taiwan
Established New Company called “JSR Life Sciences Corporation” in Acceleration of Biomedical Business
4JSR receives Intel’s Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement Award
Completion of J & W Beijing Biotech Co., Ltd Headquarters and Plant
9JSR selected for the first time for Dow Jones Sustainability Asia/Pacific Index, leading international index for socially responsibleinvestment
2JSR Group's Elastomix forms PT. ELASTOMIX INDONESIA joint venture with PT. Prospect Motor
JSR Invests Strategically in Swiss biopharmaceutical purification technology company ChromaCon
4Received Intel's Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement Award
9JSR Group's New EPDM Plant in Korea Completed
2D-MEC Ltd. to Launch World’s First Microwave Molding System that Enables Quick, Inexpensive and Easy Molding of Products
Announcement of Termination of the Capacity Rights Agreement of SSBR with Styron Europe GmbH.
4JSR receives Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement (SCQI) Award from Intel Corporation.
6CMIC and JSR established a joint venture, CMIC JSR Biologics Co., Ltd., for the Development of Next-Generation Antibodies.
10JSR established a joint venture, JSR Electronic Materials Korea Co., Ltd., for electronic materials business in Korea.
12JSR established a joint venture, JSR Micro (Changshu) Co., Ltd., to manufacture display materials in China
2JSR jointly acquired KBI Biopharma, Inc., a contract developer and manufacturers of biopharmaceuticals in the United States
3JM Energy’s new lithium ion capacitor commercial plant was completed
JSR Receives Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement (SCQI) Award from Intel Corporation.
JSR reached agreement with Keio University to jointly establish and operate the JSR/Keio University Medical and Chemical Innovation Center, a joint research institute to be positioned as a base for industry-academia-medicine cooperation.
6D-MEC Ltd. begins to sell a stereolithography 3-D printer that achieves the largest-size reproduction in Japan.
JSR and JSR Life Sciences started selling ExoCap™ Kit Optimized for Serum, Plasma and Cell Culture
10MBL becomes a consolidated subsidiary of JSR.
JSR and JSR Life Sciences Developed Amsphere™ A3, a next generation protein A chromatography resin
12JSR, IBM Japan, Ltd. and Senju Metal Industry Co., Ltd. jointly develop Injection Molded Solder (IMS), for 300mm wafers, which is a technology to form bumps for high density semiconductor packagings
2JSR and imec establishes a new company “EUV Resist Manufacturing and Qualification Center N.V.” for the production and qualification of EUV resist.
3JSR Receives Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement (SCQI) Award from Intel Corporation.
JSR is selected for the FY 2015 Nadeshiko Brands by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Received The Chemical Society of Japan's 64th Award for Technical Development
5Reached a basic agreement with UBE Industries and Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd. (Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation) to start a negotiation for the merger of subsidiaries in the ABS resin business.
8Developed a 3D printed prosthetic Leg with ANA and SHC Design.
9Strategic investment in US startup with innovative 3D printing technology.
10ELASTOMIX Co., Ltd. decided to establish a new carbon masterbatch company in Mexico.
2JSR is selected for the the 2017 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program ~White 500~ by the Ministry of Economy and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi.
3EUV resist manufacturing facility completed at EUV Resist Manufacturing & Qualification Center N.V. (Belgium).
Received Intel’s Prestigious Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement Award.
JSR is selected for the FY 2016 Nadeshiko Brands by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

President Ishibashi at the Opening Ceremony of the Yokkaichi Plant

Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Chiba Plant

President Kawasaki at the Opening Ceremony of the Kashima Plant


Optical Fiber Coating Materials

Tsukuba Lab.


JSR Micro Kyushu Co., Ltd.

JSR Microelectronics,Inc.

Corporate Logo of JSR Corp.


JSR Micro NV (Belgium)

JSR Micro Korea Co., Ltd.

New Cleanroom Facility at the Yokkaichi

Precision Processing Pilot Facilities at the Yokkaichi Plant

Yokkaichi Training Center

Precision Processing Pilot Facilities at the Yokkaichi Plant

JM Energy Corporation (Yamanashi HQ Plant)


New SSBR plant at the Yokkaichi Plant

Flat prismatic type lithium ion capacitor

The Opening Ceremony of J&W Biotech Co., Ltd. in Beijing, China


Corporate Profile