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Business Overview

From synthetic rubbers for tires to semiconductor materials, display materials and, life sciences business, materials created by JSR play a role in almost every aspect of daily life.

Personal computers

Semiconductors such as CPUs and memory lie at the heart of PCs and other equipment. JSR provides materials essential for semiconductor manufacturing including photoresists, CMP materials, and interconnect materials.

Liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions

LCD TVs are now found in many households. These products use many JSR materials such as alignment films, photosensitive spacers, color resists, protective films, and antireflective coatings.

Optical fibers

Optical fiber is rapidly becoming the mainstay of the Internet and other high-speed communication networks. Many of the fiber optic cables manufactured in Japan use optical fiber coating from JSR.


JSR offers a portfolio of products including general-purpose synthetic rubber with excellent abrasion resistance and resistance to aging, and high-performance, fuel efficient tire materials with characteristic molecular structure, workability, and excellent dynamic properties.

Auto parts

JSR products from general-purpose synthetic rubbers to special synthetic rubbers are used for a wide range of automotive applications including timing belts, hoses, and door sealing. Plastics such as ABS are used for bumpers and radiator grills.

Sports shoes

Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is used for the soles of sneakers and other shoes. It becomes soft and easy to mold when heated, and it is also easy to recycle.

Print applications such as magazines, brochures

The coated paper used in magazines and brochures is coated with paper coating latex (PCL) to improve printability. JSR holds a high market share for PCL.


Touch panels are used in smartphones, car navigation systems and other devices. JSR offers films for touch panels, with transparent electrodes and other surface treatments applied to the company' s proprietary heat-resistant transparent resin ARTON® film.

Exterior wall coating

JSR has developed a coating materials with excellent weather resistance and durability by applying its sol-gel reaction technology and organic synthesis technologies. It is used in applications such as heat resistant color coatings for exterior walls of buildings.


JSR technology is also at work in the medical field. Various particles developed by JSR based on polymer technology are used in biotechnology research, in-vitro diagnostics, and research reagents, among other applications.

Wind power generation

Storage devices are required to make effective use of wind, solar and other renewable power sources. The JSR Group has developed and marketed a lithium ion capacitor capable of rapid high-capacity charging and discharging. This new energy storage device is expected to find widespread use in a broad range of fields.

Business Domain

Elastomers Business

We supply high-quality products, including general-purpose synthetic rubbers and special-purpose synthetic rubbers, which were our first products after the foundation of JSR, thermoplastic elastomers, which have the characteristics of rubber and plastic, and emulsions developed based on technology for emulsion polymerization of synthetic rubbers and plastics, We also supply a wide range of functional materials, including high-performance dispersants and sol-gel materials, industrial-use particles, battery materials, and energy-saving thermal management materials, as performance chemicals.

Plastics Business

In this area, we focus primarily on ABS resins used for a wide range of purposes, including automobile parts, household appliances, and building materials.

Digital Solutions Business

Using technologies that have been cultivated in development of polymer materials, JSR develops and supplies many products with top shares at the global level, including lithography materials, chemical mechanical planarization materials (CMPs), and packaging materials, which are essential to production in process of semiconductor chips. We also supply materials including, LCD materials and next-generation display materials for use in production of flat panel displays such as LCD and organic EL displays. Moreover, we supply UV-curable resins that are used in 3D printing.

Life Sciences Business

In this area, with an expanded range of global strategic partners from both inside and outside JSR Group, we focus on various fields, including the in-vitro diagnostics and research reagents field, and the bioprocess field, which meet advanced needs of medical fields such as research and diagnosis, and bioprocess materials for personalized medicine and development and manufacture of biopharmaceuticals.

Other Businesses

Among other activities, we also conduct next-generational research and supply lithium-ion capacitors, electrical storage devices that make effective use of energy.

Corporate Profile